X-Tracta Disposable Gel Extraction Tool
X-Tracta Disposable Gel Extraction Tool


x-tracta offers a Fast, Easy and Reliable method for excising small bands of DNA and RNA for use in downstream molecular biology research. Designed to cut out DNA samples from gels in a rapid two-step process with great accuracy and precision, x-tracta is available for immediate delivery in packs of 25 each.

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The x-tracta from LabGadget has evolved beyond historical and first generation gel extraction tools to provide disposability with one-handed operation. The proprietary cutting blade and ergonomic design means that extractions can be performed in a rapid two-step process with great accuracy and precision.

Historical Tools Generation 1 Tools x-tracta
Slow Slow Fast
Multi-step process Three-step process Two-step process
User dependent Two-hand process One-hand process
Variable results Variable results Excellent Results
Unsafe Safe Safe
Washing required Disposable Disposable
Low-failure rate High-failure rate Low-failure rate

Put simply, the superior cutting edge of x-tracta means that it just works better than any other gel extraction solution available.

What researchers are saying about x-tracta…

“x-tracta is so easy to use, I’ll never go back to razor blades.”

“I spend less time looking for my samples on the floor.”

“I don’t have to worry about burning my retina anymore.”

“Cross-contamination issues have now been eliminated at the gel extraction step.”

“At last, a disposable tool you can use with one-hand.”

“The device removes unnecessary safety risks to researchers.”

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