Thermo Scientific NanoDrop 3300
Thermo Scientific NanoDrop 3300


Fluorescence Made Compact and Simple

Thermo Scientific NanoDrop 3300 fluorospectrometers are used by life science laboratories to verify selective concentrations of DNA, RNA, and protein.  Utilizing a patented sample retention system it minimizes the mass detection limit while increasing sensitivity, allowing measurement of samples as low as 1 picogram/µL of dsDNA.  The flexibility of the NanoDrop 3300 allows users to work with multiple brands of assays, giving them the freedom to select the best assay for a specific workflow.


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  • Measures a wide variety of fluorescence assays:  RiboGreen, PicoGreen, GFP, BFP mutants, Hoechst, 4-MU, Quantum Dots, OPA, DyLite, AlexaFluor and many more
  • Sample size as small as 1µL
  • UV, blue and white LED excitation, covering a broad wavelength range
  • No filter changes and no expensive monochromator
  • Ability to run diverse and customizable applications
  • Ability to measure multiple fluorophores from a single sample
  • Spectral and quantitative data
NanoDrop 3300
Instrument Type   Fluorospectrometer
Minimum Sample Size 1 µL
Light Sources 3 light emitting diodes (LEDs)
Excitation Maxima UV: 365 nm
Blue: 470 nm
White 460-650 nm
Detector Type 2048 – element linear silicon CCD array
Wavelength Range 400-750 nm
Wavelength Accuracy 1 nm
Spectral resolution 8 nm (FWHM at Hg 546 nm)
Fluorescence Precision < 5% CV (10 nM fluorescein)
Detection Limit < 1 fmol fluorescein
Measurement Cycle Time 2 – 10 seconds
Dimensions (footprint) 14 cm X 20 cm
Weight 1.5 kg
Sample Pedestal Material of Construction 303 stainless steel and quartz fiber
Operating Voltage 5 vdc (supplied by USB port, no external power supply)
Operating Power Consumption 2 W
Standby Power Consumption 1 W
Software Compatibility Professional versions of Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit), Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows XP (32 bit)
UL/CSA and CE All units are approved to these standards



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