MIULab Multi-Position Magnetic Stirrer Series
MIULab Multi-Position Magnetic Stirrer Series

SP-100, SP-200 & SP-300 series are multi-position magnetic stirrer with 4, 8, or 12 stir bar configurations. The stainless steel plate is coated with silicone resin film to ensure a non-slip and anti-corrosion surface. Adjustable speed and time and simultaneous stirring provide a uniform agitation and suit various user needs.


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SP-100 SP-200 SP-300
Stirring Point Quantity 4 8 12
Max. Size of Stirrer Stick  46mm
Speed Range  200 to 1200rpm
Platform Material Stainless steel with silicon pad
Motor Brushless DC motor
Dimensions  480x115x50mm  480x205x50mm  480x295x50mm
Net Weight  3.0kg  4.0kg  5.0kg
Warranty  12 months
Item Code Description
SP-100 SP-100 Multi-Position Magnetic Stirrer with 4 stirring points
SP-200 SP-200 Multi-Position Magnetic Stirrer with 8 stirring points
SP-300 SP-300 Multi-Position Magnetic Stirrer with 12 stirring points



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