MIULab Incubator Shaker ES-60 & ES-60+
MIULab Incubator Shaker ES-60 & ES-60+

ES-60 and ES-60+ Incubator Shaker combines incubation and shaking functions into one instrument, and is widely used in cell culture, fermentation and biochemistry applications that requires better control of temperature and shaking speed.


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(Platform not inclusive)
(Inclusive of Platform PW420 – 410x420x65mm)
Speed Range   50 to 300rpm  50 to 300rpm
Shaking Orbit  20mm (circle)  20mm (circle)
Temp. Control Range  R.T +5 to 60°C  R.T +5 to 60°C
Temp. Setting Range  5 to 60°C  5 to 60°C
Temp. Stability at 37°C  ≤ ±0.3°C  ≤ ±0.3°C
Temp. Display Accuracy  0.1°C  0.1°C
Time Range  1min to 99h59min or continuous  1min to 99h59min or continuous
Dimensions  360x435x320mm  514x660x430mm
Net Weight  18.7kg 44.2kg


Item Code Description
ES-60 ES-60 Incubator Shaker (Platform not inclusive)
ES-60+ ES-60+ Incubator Shaker (Inclusive of Platform PW-420 – 410x420x65mm)

Interchangeable Platforms for ES-60/ES-60+

Code Type
PP-4 PP-4 Dish platform with non-slip rubber mat
PP-4A PP-4A Double layer platform with non-slip rubber mat
P6-250 P6-250 Conical flask stand (for flasks 250-300mL)
UP-12 UP-12 Universal platform with adjustable bars for different types of flasks, bottles
PW-260 PW-260 Universal Platform



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