MIULab Dry Bath Incubator DTC-100 & DTH-100
MIULab Dry Bath Incubator DTC-100 & DTH-100

DTC-100 & DTH-100 are the alternatives to traditional water bath incubator. Micro-processor thermostat provides an excellent temperature control and stability, and uniform heating across the block. Various block types are available to suit multiple tube and container sizes. Its application includes cultivation and preservation of samples, DNA amplification, and serum coagulation.


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DTH-100 DTC-100
Function  Heating  Heating and cooling
Temp. Control Range  R.T +5°C to 100°C  -10°C to 100°C
Timing Range  1min to 99h59min or continuous  1min to 99h59min or continuous
Temp. Stability at 100°C  ± 0.5°C  ± 0.5°C
Temp. Stability at 40°C  ± 0.3°C  ± 0.3°C
Block Temp. Uniformity  ± 0.3°C  ± 0.3°C
Display Accuracy  0.1°C  0.1°C
Heating Time  ≤ 15min (from 20-100°C)  ≤ 15min (from 20-100°C)
Cooling Time  N.A.  ≤ 30min from R.T to RT-30°C (at R.T 26°C)
Dimensions  270x196x170mm  270x196x170mm
Net Weight  2.2kg  3.5kg
Item Code Description
DTC-100 DTC-100 Dry Bath Incubator (with Cooling)
DTH-100 DTH-100 Dry Bath Incubator

Optional blocks available.



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