MIULab DKT200 Series Dry Bath Incubator
MIULab DKT200 Series Dry Bath Incubator

DKT200 Series Dry Bath Incubator has high precision temperature control and is used as an alternative to the traditional water bath devices for a fast and uniform heating. It is widely used for pharmaceutical, chemical, food and environmental applications to cultivate or preserve various samples.


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DKT200-1 DKT200-2 DKT200-2A DKT200-4
Temp. Control Range  R.T +5 to 150°C  R.T +5 to 120°C
Temp. Setting Range  5 to 150°C  5 to 120°C
Temp. Stability at 40-100°C  ±0.5°C
Temp. Stability at >100°C  ±1°C
Block Temp. Uniformity at 40°C  ±0.3°C
Block Temp. Uniformity at 100°C  ±0.5°C
Display Accuracy  0.1°C
Heating Speed  ≤ 30min (20-150°C)  ≤ 30min (20-120°C)
Time Range  1min to 99h59min
Sample Capacity  1 standard block  2 standard blocks  2 standard blocks (individually controlled)  4 standard blocks
Dimensions  200x230x95mm  220x260x95mm  290x260x95mm  220x360x95mm
Net Weight  2.6kg  3.3kg  3.3kg  4.7kg
Item Code Description
DKT200-1 DKT200-1 Dry Bath Incubator (capacity for 1 block)
DKT200-2 DKT200-2 Dry Bath Incubator (capacity for 2 blocks)

Optional blocks available.



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