Harbinger Biotechnology StarGazer-384™ Plate Reader
Harbinger Biotechnology StarGazer-384™ Plate Reader


Harbinger’s StarGazer-384™ is a unique plate reader designed to study the thermal stability of proteins. Using patent-pending differential static light scattering technology, this instrument measures the amount of aggregated protein in a 384-well plate as a function of rising temperature.

This thermal-aggregation assay can be used for the following applications:

  • HTS of focused compound libraries
  • Validation of HTS hits
  • Buffer optimization
  • Identification of ligands for protein crystallization
  • QC of protein biologics
  • Characterization of membrane proteins
  • Comparison of stability of different constructs of a given protein, including SNPs [3].

The StarGazer-384 instrument has the following advantages over other products:

  • The thermal-aggregation assay is non-specific – i.e. it is not necessary to develop a dedicated assay for every protein.
  • Because the instrument employs the classical principle of light scattering to measure aggregated protein, it is not susceptible intrinsic fluorescence in proteins or compounds.
  • While differential scanning calorimetry can only be used to study one protein at a time, StarGazer-384 is designed for 384 samples in parallel.
  • StarGazer-384 has integrated software for image processing, graphical visualization and numerical analysis. The software automatically generates thermal-aggregation curves for all the samples and computes the Tagg representing each curve.
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StarGazer-384 High-Throughput Protein Stability Analyzer



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