Epiphyte3 LEX™ Bench-Top Bioreactor System
Epiphyte3 LEX™ Bench-Top Bioreactor System

LEX – A True High Throughput Bioreactor System

Laboratory scale cell cultures are often grown in shakers, which have limits in rates and controllability of oxygenation, mixing and temperature control. Moreover, shakers are large, heavy instruments which do not facilitate monitoring of growth. On the other hand, traditional bioreactors which provide more direct monitoring and control of cell cultures are typically an order of magnitude or higher in costs and therefore typically impractical for high throughput experimentation.

Epiphyte3’s LEX system replaces traditional medium-low throughput mechanical shakers with an ultra-high-throughput bench-top bioreactor system. It was developed at the Structural Genomics Consortium and used by the SGC to express over a thousand of novel recombinant proteins, including hundreds of Plasmodium proteins previously considered to be mostly unsuitable for expression in E. coli.

Key features

  • Capacity to run 24 individual 2L bottle experiments in parallel in a single LEX system.
  • 4 times the capacity of a traditional shaker at the same cost and smaller footprint.
  • 1 m x .75 m (3.5 foot x 2.5 foot) bench-top footprint for efficient use of lab space.
  • Tight reaction kinetics control and temperature shock capabilities through very efficient water-bath temperature control and ice quenching.
  • Individualized control of mixing and oxygenation for each bottle allowing optimized culture aeration.
  • Real-time bioreactor control with in-situ optical density monitoring (available as an upgrade).
  • Ease of use with quick-disconnects (for rapid setup) and fully sterilisable components.
  • Multi-stage, replaceable carbon+HEPA filter forced-air hood with enclosure eliminating unpleasant odours and harmful airborne by-products.
  • Optimised for high-yield cell-culture growth and recombinant protein expression.
Description Item Code
Lex Bioreactor System for up to 4 x 2L cultures LEX-8
LEX Bioreactor System for up to 24 x 2L cultures LEX-48



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