Gilson Pipetman M (Single & Multi-Channel)
Gilson Pipetman M (Single & Multi-Channel)


Progress Made Simple!

Pipetman M is a new motorized member of the Pipetman family from Gilson. Pipetman M is a fusion between the renowned accuracy, precision and robustness of the Pipetman P and user-friendly functions that will simplify your work day.

Pipetman M is so easy to use that you will have the feeling that you are using a Pipetman P. You won’t change the way you pipette!

Start Using It Right Out Of The Box!

1) Set the volume by rotating the push-button left or right.

2) Pipette with a simple press of the push-button.

3) Access additional features such as repetitive mode, mix function or easy readjustment with the menu-button.



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  • Use It Like a Mechanical Pipette

Keep your technique consistent by using only one button to adjust the volume and to pipette.

  • All You Need in One Pipette to Obtain Trustworthy Results!

Simplify your daily routine with the intuitive software: no instruction necessary! Easy navigation with direct access to all supplementary functions thanks to the menu button:

– 4  essential pipetting modes: pipetting, repetitive, mix and reverse
– Piston speed adjustment
– Configuration: Service, Easy readjustment, Maintenance


  • Use While Charging

Pipetman M can be used while charging without compromising performance.

  • Longer Use Between Charge Cycles

Pipetman M’s Lithium-ion battery has been designed to ensure 900 pipetting cycles at maximum speed (up to seven 96 well plates) between charge cycles.

Pipetman M charges 80% of its full battery capacity in less than an hour and takes only three hours to fully charge.


  • Minimal Effort, Maximum Comfort!

Discover the differences! PIPETMAN M offers the same legendary robustness, accuracy and precision as the PIPETMAN P but with additional features to make your work easier…

  • Optimized Balance

Lightweight, but strong materials and components make PIPETMAN M one of the lightest motorized pipettes ever. Its optimized weight gives you a perfectly balanced pipetting sensation.

  • Improved Comfort

Pipetman M contributes to lowering Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI):

– Thanks to its motor, Pipetman M offers you pipetting with minimized pipetting forces.
– Low ejection and volume setting forces facilitate your daily work.

  • Intuitive Interface

Mode button:
– 4 pipetting modes – pipet, repetitive, mix, reverse
– Accessible factory calibration settings
– Adjustable piston speed for varying solution densities

  • GLP Features

– Service alert reminders
– Color-coded push-button corresponds to matching Gilson Pipetman Tips
– Serial number engraved on pipette
– 8 ID tags for personalization

  • Lightweight and Comfortable

– Pipetman M is the lightest motorized pipette on the market. Its ergonomic design rests comfortably in your hand, with a short pipetting stroke distance to help reduce repetitive strain injury (RSI).

  • Secure Tip Ejector

– The tip ejector on Pipetman M won’t slip down over time and is easy to dismantle for cleaning.

  • Universal Tip Holder

– Unique tip holder design allows for a secure fit of most leading brands of tips so there’s no need for a dedicated tip brand.

Model Ordering Ref Volume Range (Pipet Mode) Color Code
P10M F81022 0.5 µL to 10 µL Red
P20M F81023 2 µL to 20 µL Pale Yellow
P100M F81013 5 µL to 100 µL Salmon
P200M F81024 20 µL to 200 µL Yellow
P300M F81014 20 µL to 300 µL Green
P1200M F81015 100 µL to 1200 µL Blue
P5000M F81016 500 µL to 5000 µL Purple
P10mL M F81017 1 mL to 10 mL Pale Blue
Model Ordering Ref Volume Range (Pipet Mode) Color Code
P8x10M F81025 0.5 µL to 10 µL Red
P12x10M F81026
P8x20M F81027 1 µL to 20 µL Pale Yellow
P12x20M F81028
P8x100M F81018 10 µL to 100 µL Salmon
P12x100M F81019
P8x200M F81029 20 µL to 200 µL Yellow
P12x200M F81030
P8x300M F81031 10 µL to 300 µL Green
P12x300M F81032
P8x1200M F81020 50 µL to 1200 µL Blue
P12x1200M F81021



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