Gilson Pipetman Diamond Tips
Gilson Pipetman Diamond Tips


Pure Performance Pipette Tips for Pipetman

Diamond Tips are designed, developed, and manufactured in order to fit Gilson pipettes perfectly. They ensure optimal performance of your Pipetman pipettes across the full volume range.


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Download PDF:

Download PDF:


  • Optimized geometry and pure polypropylene material ensure complete dispensing for consistent results.
  • The use of Gilson’s pipetting system guarantees accuracy and precision.


  • No risk of contamination: DIAMOND Tips are manufactured in a clean room.


  • Full traceability from the mould to the bench guaranteed.
  • Easy identification with color-coded packaging.
  • TIPACK™ (Racks)
    Engineered to be functional, convenient and robust.
    – TIPACKS are securely sealed with a sticker. A full product description is given on the TIPACK for traceability and easy identification.
    – Robust and designed to withstand autoclaving (Moist heat/121°C/20 minutes/1bar).
    – Standard and filter versions.
    – Available in standard and sterilized versions.


  • BULK PACKS (Bags)
    Available in convenient small bags or in economical bulk quantities.
    – Available as: EcoPack (10,000 tips) and EasyPack (1,000 tips).
    – Bulk Packs are sealed with a tamper-proof strip which can easily be opened for quick access to Gilson’s Diamond Tips.
    – Bulk Packs are closed using the rapid-sealing strip to prevent contamination and loss of tips.
    – Tips are autoclavable (Moist heat/121°C/20 minutes/1bar).


  • TOWERPACK™ (Refill Systems)
    The innovative, quick and easy refill system.
    – Discover a quick and easy rack refill at an affordable price.
    – Use 60% less space on your bench and 70% less plastic.
    – Fits the amazingly easy-to-use Universal Reload box.
    – Racks are color-coded to differentiate tip models and indicate the compatible Gilson pipette models.
    – Available in standard and sterilized versions.
    – Autoclavable: all tips can be sterilized at once.


    The smartest way to refill your empty TIPACK box & Reload block.
    – Racks are individually wrapped to ensure the best cleanness and to facilitate rack handling.
    – Use 45% less plastic than a regular rack box.
    – Racks are fully autoclavable (remove blister packaging before autoclaving).
    – The racks are color-coded to differentiate tip models and indicate the compatible Gilson pipette models.


    Individually wrapped in medical device quality plastic, which provides a complete shield against contaminants. STERILPACK offers complete protection up to the moment of use.
    (Manufactured by a fully automatic process in a controlled environment, DIAMOND Tips are never touched by human hands. Sterilized DIAMOND Tips are certified free of detectable DNA, RNA, DNase, RNase, ATP, Pyrogens and trace metals).
    – Medical device quality plastic.
    – 400 tips individually wrapped (D200 & D1000).
    – Gamma sterilization (The sterilization is guaranteed for 5 years).
    – Fully GLP and ISO compliance.

Pipetman Tips Diamond Range

Model Volume Range Tip Length (mm)
D10 0.1 µL to 10 µL 31.2
D10L 0.1 µL to 20 µL 46
D200 2 µL to 200 µL 51.2
D300 20 µL to 300 µL 51.5
D1000 100 µL to 1000 µL 66.5
D1200 100 µL to 1200 µL 84.5
D5000 0.5 mL to 5 mL 103
D 10mL 1 mL to 10 mL 160



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