Gilson Peristaltic Pumps MINIPULS Evolution®
Gilson Peristaltic Pumps MINIPULS Evolution®

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The Laboratory Peristaltic Pump You Can Trust!

Gilson’s MINIPULS Evolution is the brand-new peristaltic pump specifically designed to meet today’s customers’ laboratory liquid handling needs with its modern design combining great performance, ease-of-use, flexibility and safety . The MINIPULS Evolution combines microprocessor speed control with a high-torque stepper motor.


  • Any applications requiring flow rates ranging from perfusion of animals in medical/pharmaceutical research up to feeding Bioreactors during fermentation.
  • Wide range of tubings adapted to various applications depending on chemical compatibility:

– PVC (Tygon®) for general use.

– Silicone (Versilic®) for biological.

– Fluoroelastomer (Isoversinic®) where high-chemical resistance is required.

– PharMed® for pharmaceutical and food.


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Your Benefits

Robustness & Reliability

  • MINIPULS Evolution ensures reliable liquid transfer even in the most challenging laboratory environments.
  • Safe and durable design, pump head with stainless steel rollers, spring loaded cartridges and stepper motor.

Safe & Flexible. Quick to Set Up

  • MINIPULS Evolution is easy to install, simple to operate and easy to maintain.
  • Tubing leaks can be detected easily.

High Performance & Versatile

  • Excellent flow rate accuracy and reproducibility with low-pulse flow.
  • Accommodates a wide range of flow rates and back pressures, depending on your application.
  • Perfect adjustment for low flow rates.

Snappy Tubing Changes

  • Extremely fast tubing change with pump head cartridges that can snap in & out.
  • No more need to remove the pump head from the speed control module.

Flexible Configuration

  • Pump heads can be changed within seconds even while pump is operating – no tools required.
  • Optimum capacity with the addition of up to 16 channels on the same module.

Economical Solution

  • Simple and fine pressure adjustment prolongs tubing life.

More About the Features

  • Pump head with up to 6 rollers.
  • 3 fully interchangeable pump heads.
  • Stackable pump heads up to 16 channels.
  • Adjustable speed stepper motor.
  • Adjustable tubing occlusion.
  • Reproducibility of flow rate on all channels with a variation ≤ 0.1%.
  • Possibility to use medium and high-flow pump head in the same module.
  • rpm readability below 10 rpm.
  • Snap in & out cartridges.
  • Small drip tray.
  • Accessory case.
  • Footswitch.
  • Large screen & one key, one function.
Models & Flow Rates
Ordering reference Mini flow rate* Max flow rate*      Number of Channels
Speed control module F110701 N/A N/A N/A
MF1* medium flow pump head F110705 0.2 µL/min 70 mL/min 1
MF4* medium flow pump head F110706 0.2 µL/min 70 mL/min 4
HF2* high flow pump head F110707 1 mL/min 340 mL/min 2

 * MF and HF pump heads are delivered with their cartridges. 




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