Gilson Microman E
Gilson Microman E


Your Solution for Pipetting Problem Liquids!

Microman E, along with capillary pistons, solves common pipetting problems and avoids contamination by isolating the aspirated sample from the inside part of the pipette, eliminating the air space between the piston and the sample.

Why Microman E is the right choice when you’re pipetting problem liquids:

◾Highest precision with problem liquids
◾Comfortable and user-friendly
◾100% protection against contamination


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  • Buffers, enzyme solutions, blood, oil, and cosmetic creams are difficult to aspirate and can stick to the tip when dispensing. Pipette viscous and dense samples completely and quickly with Microman E.
  • Leaks may occur when pipetting acetone, hexane, or other solvents due to the difference between the vapor pressure of the solvent and the pressure of the air cushion. Microman E is the perfect solution to avoid leakage when pipetting high vapor pressure liquids.
  • Cold liquids tend to be delivered in excess quantity, while warm liquids tends to be under-delivered. Microman E offers the ideal solution to improve accuracy and precision when pipetting hot or cold liquids.


  • Ease of use:
    – Patented QuickSnap CP fitting system makes it the only positive displacement pipette as intuitive and simple to use as regular pipettes and tips.
    – Volume control button (image to the right) secures MICROMAN E from accidental volume changes when in the locked position.
  • Improved ergonomic design:
    – Comfortable finger rest
    – Visible volumeter on the front of the body
    – Large action button

Six models of Microman E to cover the range from 1 µL to 1000 µL.

Model Ordering Ref Volume Range
M10E FD10001 1 µL to 10 µL
M25E FD10002 3 µL to 25 µL
M50E FD10003 20 µL to 50 µL
M100E FD10004 10 µL to 100 µL
M250E FD10005 50 µL to 250 µL
M1000E FD10006 100 µL to 1000 µL


Capillary Pistons (CPs) are the disposable tips specifically made for Gilson’s Microman E. They are available in a wide range of volumes and designs, both in sterilized and standard versions, to perfectly suit you needs. Sterilized CP are certified free of detectable DNA, RNA, DNase, RNase, ATP, Pyrogens and trace metals.

CP25, CP50 & CP250, ideally designed to fit the narrowest and deepest test tubes, are also available in racks.

Capillary Piston Ordering Ref Volume Range µL Quantity Per Box Sterilized Racked In TIPACK Capillary Length (mm)
CP10 F148412 1 – 10 192 No Yes 45.1
CP10 F148312 1 – 10 960 No Yes 45.1
CP10ST F148413 1 – 10 192 Yes Yes 45.1
CP10ST F148313 1 – 10 960 Yes Yes 45.1
CP25 F148012 3 – 25 960 No Yes 86.1
CP25 F148112 3 – 25 200 No No 86.1
CP25ST F148712 3 – 25 576 Yes Yes 86.1
CP50 F148013 20 – 50 960 No Yes 86.3
CP50 F148113 20 – 50 200 No No 86.3
CP50ST F148713 20 – 50 576 Yes Yes 86.3
CP100 F148414 10 – 100 192 No Yes 40.2
CP100 F148314 10 – 100 960 No Yes 40.2
CP100ST F148415 10 – 100 192 Yes Yes 40.2
CP100ST F148315 10 – 100 960 Yes Yes 40.2
CP250 F148014 50 – 250 960 No Yes 86.2
CP250 F148114 50 – 250 200 No No 86.2
CP250ST F148714 50 – 250 576 Yes Yes 86.2
CP1000 F148560 100 – 1000 182 No Yes 70.3
CP1000ST F148180 100 – 1000 182 Yes Yes 70.3



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