Gilson Distriman
Gilson Distriman


The Simplicity of a Continuously Adjustable Repeater-Pipette!

Distriman is the only continuously adjustable mechanical repetitive pipette with direct read-out available on the market. Used with Gilson DISTRITIPS® syringes, it is designed to simplify multiple dispensing.

Distriman can dispense aliquots ranging in volume from 1 µL to 1.25 mL with the combination of its three dedicated models of DISTRITIPS. Each syringe can dispense up to 125 aliquots (of the minimal volume).

Distriman is suitable for any application requiring repetitive dispensing in the clinical, hospital, biological, chemical, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and forensics fields.


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  • Zero risk of accidental conversion errors with the direct read out.
  • Exact distribution of the volume required by your application.


  • Save time with continuous adjustable volume and the numerous distribution of aliquots: Up to 125.
  • Faster multiple dispensing.
Model Ordering Ref Volume Range
Distriman F164001 1 µL to 1.25 mL


Gilson DistriTip syringes are available in standard and sterilized versions, in box of 50.

DistriTips Ordering Ref Aliquot Range
Micro 125 µL F164100 1 µL to 12.5 µL
Micro ST 125 µL (Sterilized) F164130 1 µL to 12.5 µL
Mini 1250 µL F164110 10 µL to 125 µL
Mini ST 1250 µL (Sterilized) F164140 10 µL to 125 µL
Maxi 12.5 mL F164120 100 µL to 1.25 mL
Maxi ST 12.5 mL (Sterilized) F164150 100 µL to 1.25 mL







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