CYCLERtest Driftcon End User Calibration Systems
CYCLERtest Driftcon End User Calibration Systems


The DRIFTCON system is a basic end user thermocycler calibration system that allows laboratories to perform thermocyclers calibrations in-house. The system is available with a variety of sensors set to allow calibration of virtually any thermocycler. The configuration can be fine tuned to the thermocyclers available in the laboratory. The system is designed in such a way that the laboratory technican only needs to put the sensors in the thermocycler block, enter a temperature protocol in the thermocycler and then start both thermocycler and DRIFTCON system. The analysis of the data is completely automated and generating the calibration report is one button operation, excluding mistakes in data transfer or analysis.

The DRIFTCON system measures and analyses thermocycler Accuracy, Uniformity, Heat Rate, Cool Rate, Overshoot, Undershoot and Hold Time. Furthermore, DRIFTCON allows analysis of temperature drift over time.

The system automatically compares to specifications and reports automatically if your thermocycler is in or out of specifications.

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  • Temperature measurement range 10 – 120°C
  • Read-out resolution 0.001°C
  • Number of channels max. 16
  • Measurement interval 500ms
  • USB ports
  • Operating temperature between 14.0°C and 28.0°C
  • Relative humidity between 10 – 90%
  • Weight approx. 300g (for box only)
  • Size (l x d x h) 150 x 115 x 40mm
  • System uncertainty up to 0.25 °C (k=2)
  • See the calibration certificate to determine the specific calibration uncertainty



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