Clifton NE2D Duo Water Bath Range (display resolution 0.1°C)
Clifton NE2D Duo Water Bath Range (display resolution 0.1°C)

Clifton digital DuoBaths™ have two independently controlled unstirred baths in one space saving unit. Specifically designed with the busy laboratory in mind. Supplied with three removable stainless steel perforated shelves, two at conventional low height and a taller 100mm version, designed to accommodate small media vessels/bijou style bottles in a shallow depth. Should only one chamber be required, a standby feature can be activated for the chamber not in use.

Typical applications include eliminating problems associated with water level/disturbance when placing and removing containers of different sizes or routine operations involving two different temperatures and immersed depths such as keeping media molten in one chamber and incubation of samples in the other.
Comprising of a high-quality corrosion resistant stainless-steel tank, with a bright clean finish housed in a durable painted outer case. Painted surfaces feature anti-bacterial finish with good chemical resistance.

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