BOECO Programmable Orbital Shaker PSU-15i
BOECO Programmable Orbital Shaker PSU-15i


The PSU-15i belongs to a new generation of multifunctional mixing devices: The new design, direct drive system, brushless motor (service life up to 35000 hours) and automatic loading balancing system make the new PSU-15i even more reliable especially for the long non-stop operation. The PSU-15i has a microprocessor control which allows real-time program correction, indication of set and actual speed, angle and time, operation timer in the display.


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Orbital motion

  • Simple, even circular motion – common type of motion used in shakers.
  • Adjustable speed from 30 to 250 rpm.


Reciprocal motion

  • Vertical rotation with changing direction of rotation.
  • Adjustable turning angle (from 15° to 360°, increment 30°) sets the limits for this type of motion.
  • The speed is the same as set for rotational motion (from 20 to 250 rpm).


Vortex motion of the platform (vibration)

  • Intensive mixing of samples at high speed with small amplitude.
  • Vortex motion. Adjustable turning angle of 0° to 5° (increment 1°).
Kind of motion Orbital
Orbit size 20 mm
Speed regulation 20 – 250 rpm
Speed display digital (LCD)
Timer from 1 min to 96 hours / continuous
Time display digital (LCD)
Max. load 8 kg
Continuous operation time max 168 hrs.
Power (external) DC 12 V. 4,1 A
Overall size (w/o platform):       410 x 410 x 130 mm
Weight 14 kg
Code     Description               
BOE 8079000 Orbital Shaker PSU-15i, 100-240VAC/12DC 4, 16A without platform



Code     Description               
BOE 8079010 Universal platform UP-330 for all kind of flasks, 430 x 330 mm, stainless steel with 4 variable clamping rolls and rubber mat.
BOE 8080011 Flat platform PP-20, 480 x 380 mm
BOE 8080012 4 level platform PP-20-4, 480 x 380 x 170 mm, Distance between platforms: 170 mm, Total height: 510mm
BOE 8080005 Tray platform made out of Aluminum, 360 x 360 mm with holes to accommodate clamps for Erlenmeyer flasks, separating funnels and test tube racks
BOE 8081001 Spring clamp, 25 ml max. 36pcs.
BOE 8081002 Spring clamp, 50 ml max. 36pcs.
BOE 8081003 Spring clamp, 100 ml max. 25pcs
BOE 8081004 Spring clamp, 250 ml max. 16pcs
BOE 8081005 Spring clamp, 500 ml max. 9pcs
BOE 8081006 Spring clamp, 1000 ml max. 9pcs
BOE 8081007 Spring clamp, 2000 ml max. 4pcs
BOE 8081009 Holding device for Separating funnels 250-1000 ml
BOE 8081103 Erlenmeyer clamp, plastic, 100 ml max. 16 pcs
BOE 8081104 Erlenmeyer clamp, plastic, 250 ml max.   9 pcs
BOE 8081105 Erlenmeyer clamp, plastic, 500 ml max.   9 pcs
BOE 8081106 Erlenmeyer clamp, plastic, 1000 ml max  5 pcs








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