BOECO Magnetic Stirrer with Ceramic Hotplate HSC-400
BOECO Magnetic Stirrer with Ceramic Hotplate HSC-400


Our analog hot plate stirrer with a square ceramic heating plate. Resistant, safe and reliable. The ideal solution for basic heating and stirring application. You can rely on the BOECO HSC-400 for everyday laboratory applications, as it stirs volumes up to 15 liters (H2O).

The BOECO HSC-400 is equipped with a cutting-edge Heating Plate technology that ensures temperature homogeneity, thermal efficiency and durable heating performance over time. The BOECO HSC-400 stirs aqueous solutions from 50 up to 1300 rpm being a suitable solution for general laboratory applications performed in chemistry and biology in academia and laboratories. The HSC-400 provides LED Indicators for Heating and Stirring.


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Housing Material Technopolymer
Hot Platform Size 180 x 180 mm
Hot Platform Material Ceramic
Stirring Speed Range 50 x 1300 rpm
Speed Control Analog
Stirring Volume (H2O) 15L
Temperature Range Room temp. to 400 °C
Overall size in mm (WxDxH) 203 x 94 x 233
Heating power 800 Watts
Weight 3,2 kg


Item Code Description
BOE F20500552BO Magnetic stirrer with hotplate HSC-400, 220V



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