A&D Standard Level Analytical Balances (HR-AZ/ HR-A Series)
A&D Standard Level Analytical Balances (HR-AZ/ HR-A Series)

Save Time, Space & Cost!

The HR-AZ/HR-A series, behind their simple design, utilize proven A&D sensor technology that delivers solid performance to all users who wish to do superior work..

  • HR-AZ Series (With internal calibration)
  • HR-A Series (Without internal calibration)


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Space Saving Design
• Compact footprint :198 mm x 294 mm to save space, even smaller than ISO A4 paper size.
• Rotary sliding doors requiring no extra space at the rear.

Internal Weight (For HR-AZ Series)
• Equipped with Automatic Self Calibration (ASC). It can runs internal calibration automatically adapting to changes in ambient temperature.

One Touch Caibration (For HR-AZ Series)
• Performs internal calibration quickly with one push of CAL key.

Adjustable Environment Setting
• From three preset combinations of weighing speed and stability, select the one which is the most suits to your environmental conditions to minimize adverse external effects.

Fast Stabilization
•Compact Super Hybrid Sensor (C-SHS) technology enables you to perform high-speed weighing in 2-second stabilization

Multiple Weighing Units
• Selectable  from g (gram), mg (miligram), oz (ounce), ozt (troy ounce), ct (metric carat), mom (momme), dwt (pennyweight), gr (grain), SG (density mode) and a user-programmable unit for conversion applications (either tl, tol or N can be added upon request).

Statistical Calculation Function (SCF)
• Displays/outputs statistical calculation data including the number of data, sum, maximum, minimum, range (maximum-minimum), average, standard deviation and coefficient of variation.

Removable, Shatterproof Breeze Break With Antistatic Coating
• Reduces contamination risk from the laboratory or production area.

Clear, Reverse-Backlit LCD
• The contrast of the black and white display provides excellent readability even in poorly-lit workplaces.

Front Mounted Bubble
• Spirit level mounted in front of balance is easily visible for adjusting the leveling feet.

Ease Of Data Transfer
• Quick USB interface (no driver or software installation required), allows data transfer to a PC.
• Use RS-232C standard interface with the serial USB converter (AX-USB-9P, optional) for bi-directional communication or sending GLP or statistical calculation information via USB.

Technical Specifications:

HR-AZ/ HR-A Series Weighing capacity (g) Readability (mg) Repeatability (mg) Linearity (mg) Calibration & adjustment Typical Min Weights (mg)*
HR-100AZ HR-100A 102 0.1 0.1 ±0.2 Internal**/ External 140
HR-150AZ HR-150A 152 0.1 0.1 ±0.2 Internal**/ External 140
HR-250AZ HR-250A 252 0.1 0.1 (0-200g)
0.2 (200-252g)
±0.3 Internal**/ External 140
HR-251AZ HR-251A 62/ 252 0.1/ 1 0.1/ 0.5 ±0.3/ ±1 Internal**/ External 140

* Pursuant to the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), Chapter 41
** Not applicable to HR-A series



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