A&D High Capacity Balances (GX-K/ GF-K/ GP Series)
A&D High Capacity Balances (GX-K/ GF-K/ GP Series)

The World’s Most User-Friendly Industrial Balances!

IP65 Compliant, Dust & Water-Proof Industrial Balances
An International Protection (IP) Code, as defined by the international standard IEC 60529, specifies the degrees of protection provided by enclosures.
IP65 Dust and Waterproof- Permits no infiltration of dust (level 6) and withstands water jetting from any direction (level 5).

High Resolution Industrial Balances

  • GX-K Series (With internal calibration)
  • GF-K Series (Without internal calibration)

High Capacity Industrial Balances

  • GP-K Series (Swing Arm Display Type)
  • GP-KS Series (Detached Display Type)


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Download PDF:

Download PDF:

Internal Weight (for GX-K Series & GP Series)
• Equipped with Automatic Self Calibration (ASC). It runs internal calibration automatically adapting to changes in ambient temperature.

One Touch Automatic Calibration (for GX-K Series & GP Series)
• Performs internal calibration quickly with one push of CAL key.

Manual/Automatic Adjustable Environment Setting
• Choose the most suitable environment response setting to minimize adverse external effects.
• Automatically adjust the response speed with adapting to drafts and vibration after self-checking (for GX-K Series & GP Series).

Ultra Fast Response Speed
• Super Hybrid Sensor (C-SHS) technology enables you to perform high-speed weighing in 1.5-second stabilization.

Multiple Weighing Units
• Selectable from most of the common units used around the world.

Weighing Pan
• Large weighing pan : 270 mm (W) × 210 mm (D) (GX-K & GF-K Series)
• Large weighing pan : 344 mm (W) × 384 mm (D) (GP Series)

Ease of Data Transfer
• Standard RS-232C serial interface enables bi-directional communication with a PC, printer or other peripheral device.
• Windows Communication Tools (WinCT) – A&D’s powerful and flexible data collection software tool for virtually instant connection to a PC and a network of other devices.

Technical Specifications:

GX-K/ GF-K/ GP Series Weighing capacity (g) Readability (g) Calibration & adjustment
GX-8K/ GF-8K 8,100 0.01 Internal*/ External
GX-10K/ GF-10K 10,100 0.01 Internal*/ External
GX-12K/ GF-12K/ GP-12K 12,000 0.1 Internal*/ External
GX-20K/ GF-20K/ GP-20K 21,000 0.1 Internal*/ External
GX-30K/ GF-30K/ GP-30K/ GP-30KS 31,000 0.1 Internal*/ External
GP-40K 41,000 0.5 Internal/ External
GP-60K/ GP-60KS 61,000 1 Internal/ External
GP-61K/ GP-61KS 61,000 0.1 Internal/ External
GP-100K/ GP-100KS 101,000 1 Internal/ External
GX-8K2/ GF-8K2 2,100/ 8,100 0.01/ 0.1 Internal*/ External
GX-32K/ GF-32K/ GP-32K/ GP-32KS 6,100/ 31,000 0.1/ 1 Internal*/ External
GP-102K 61,000/ 101,000 1/ 10 Internal/ External

* Not applicable to GF-K series



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