A&D Advanced-Level Analytical/Precision Balances (Apollo Series)
A&D Advanced-Level Analytical/Precision Balances (Apollo Series)

Taking Weighing Precision and Protection to New Heights

All the innovative technologies of Apollo are designed to provide functional solutions for real world problems that users face in laboratories or in factories. Smart super hybrid sensor (Smart SHS) realizing wide lineup from analytical to high-resolution, high-capacity precision models.

  • GX-AE Series (With built in fanless ionizer & internal calibration mode)
  • GX-A Series (With internal calibration mode)
  • GF-A Series (Without internal calibration mode)


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Built-in Fanless Ionizer & External IR Switch (For GX-AE Series)
• Comes with a built-in ionizer, allowing users to discharge static electricity from samples for a more accurate & stable weighing result.
• Apollo Series built in fanless ionizer removes static at speed 2 times quicker than conventional ionizer.

Electronically Controlled Load (ECL)
• Allows precision management without using an external weight.

Impact Shock Detection (ISD)
• Detects impact applied to its mass sensor and displays impact shocks that its Smart SHS receives at four levels. It beeps once at Level 3 and twice at Level 4 (both of which should be avoided).
• Up to 50 impacts of Level 3 and Level 4 will be stored in the balance.

Internal Weight (For GX-AE/GX-A series)
• Equipped with Automatic Self Calibration (ASC). It can runs internal automatically using its internal weight either (1) in response to changes in ambient temperature , (2) at a set interval time, or (3) at predetermined (up to three) times of the day.
• Internal weight value correction. User can corrects internal weight value by manually inputting a correction value or by loading an external weight whose value the balance uses as a reference.

Flow Rate Display (FRD)
• Apollo series balances can calculate and display/output the mass flow rate or the volume flow rate by entering the density of the material.
• Allows measurements to be precisely performed without the time disparity problem.

Fast Stabilization
• A combination of a high-stiffness, Roberval-structure spring material and an electromagnetic force restoration mechanism simultaneously realizes fast stabilization and high resolution for efficient, precise weighing. Typical stabilization time is less than 2 seconds for all Apollo Series balances.

Minimum Weight Alert
• Allows user to enter the minimum weight into the balance by either direct key result of ECL, or having the balance calculate the minimum weight from 10 repeated measurements of an external weight.
• Alerts user when the measured sample amount is smaller than minimum weight entered.

Cushioning And Overload Protection Mechanism
• Cushioning under the weighing pan to mitigate impact shocks significantly.

Multiple Weighing Units
• Selectable from g (gram), oz (ounce), lb (pound), lb-oz (pound-ounce), ozt (troy ounce), ct (metric carat), mom (momme), dwt (pennyweight), gr (grain), pcs (counting mode), % (percent mode), SG (density mode), and a user-programmable unit.

Statistical Calculation Function (SCF)
• Apollo can display/output statistical calculation data including the number of data, sum, maximum, minimum, range (maximum-minimum), average, standard deviation, coefficient of variation and relative error.

Long-term Durability And Low Cost Of Ownership
• A&D’s internal experiment verified that Smart SHS withstood a durability test of 10 million repeated loadings without issue.

Clear, White-backlit LCD
• The contrast of the black and white display provides excellent readability even in poorly-lit workplaces.

Bright Bubble
• Large LED illuminated spirit level mounted in front of balance is easily visible. It blinks for 5 seconds after display is powered on to remind user to check whether the balance is levelled.

Retractable Doors
• Requires no extra space at the rear for accessing the weighing chamber, as both sides of the doors slides into the back.

• Large thumbwheels set in high position which allow smooth adjustment of levelling legs.

Ease Of Data Transfer
• Stores up to 200 weighing results & 50 calibration results with data and time.
• Built-in USB interface (no driver or software installation required), allows data transfer to a PC.
• Built-in RS-232C interface enables bi-directional communication with a PC, printer or other peripheral device.
• With these interfaces, it is possible to connect two different devices (e.g. PC and remote controller) simultaneously to the same balance.

Technical Specifications:

Apollo Series Weighing  capacity (g) Readability (g) Repeatability (g) Linearity (g) Calibration & adjustment Typical Min Weights (g)*
GX-124AE GX-124A GF-124A 122 0.0001 0.0001 ±0.0002 Internal**/ External 0.12
GX-224AE GX-224A GF-224A 220 0.0001 0.0001 ±0.0002 Internal**/ External 0.12
GX-324AE GX-324A GF-324A 320 0.0001 0.0002 (300g) / 0.0001 (200g) ±0.0003 Internal**/ External 0.12
GF-123A 122 0.001 0.001 ±0.002 External 1.4
GX-203A GF-203A 220 0.001 0.001 ±0.002 Internal**/ External 1.4
GX-303A GF-303A 320 0.001 0.001 ±0.002 Internal**/ External 1.4
GX-403A GF-403A 420 0.001 0.001 ±0.002 Internal**/ External 1.4
GX-603A GF-603A 620 0.001 0.001 ±0.002 Internal**/ External 1.4
GX-1003A GF-1003A 1100 0.001 0.001 ±0.003 Internal**/ External 1.4
GX-1603A GF-1603A 1620 0.001 0.001 ±0.002 (1600g) / ±0.001 (1000g) Internal**/ External 1.4
GF-1202 1220 0.01 0.01 ±0.02 External 14
GX-2002A GF-2002A 2200 0.01 0.01 ±0.02 Internal**/ External 14
GX-3002A GF-3002A 3200 0.01 0.01 ±0.02 Internal**/ External 14
GX-4002A GF-4002A 4200 0.01 0.01 ±0.02 Internal**/ External 14
GX-6002A GF-6002A 6200 0.01 0.01 ±0.03 Internal**/ External 14
GX-10002A GF-10002A 10200 0.01 0.02 (10000g) / 0.01 (5000g) ±0.03 Internal**/ External 14
GX-6001 GF-6001A 6200 0.1 0.1 ±0.1 Internal**/ External 100
GX-10001 GF-10001A 10200 0.1 0.1 ±0.1 Internal**/ External 100

* Pursuant to the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), Chapter 41
** Not applicable to GF-A series



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