About Us

We call ourselves partners in measurement solutions because we take great pride in offering practical yet effective solutions in tandem with our customers’ needs. With its own restrictions and objectives, every request is unique and requires systematic and methodical analysis to determine the best-suited solutions. This is why at Biofrontier, we are constantly in engagement with leading manufacturers and suppliers of established brands to bring together a comprehensive suite of scientific laboratory equipment and instruments under our stable.

Besides our own Biofrontier Enhance brand, we carry an extensive range of laboratory instruments and equipment from the basic to the state-of-the-art. Through innovative manufacturing processes, our measurement products cater to both general laboratory and specialised research usage for research institutes, academic/ educational facilities, hospitals and clinical testing laboratories.

Putting together  the right system of products and equipment is only half of the solution, the measurement system needs to be maintained in tip-top condition to perform at its peak in both aspects of accuracy and precision – the process of monitoring, cleaning, calibrating, replacement etc is another science altogether. Our BIOCAL™ calibration service covers pipettes, balances and thermocyclers among other instruments.

Whether you are looking for the quality laboratory instruments or professional calibration services, Biofrontier looks after each part of the process to ensure every degree of dependability .

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Though our work involves the smallest of units, it can make a significant difference to your results. This is why we are uncompromising in our quest to ensure accuracy and precision:

Through our products and services
  • To provide cutting-edge laboratory instruments
  • To redefine the standards in calibration services
  • To continuously improve our processes to achieve the highest excellence
For customers
  • To provide the latest technology that will help our customers (work better) in achieving their targets
  • To ensure that our customers’ instruments are in the best working condition
  • To help our customers work more efficiently and thereby be able to focus on their tasks
For stakeholders
  • To respect our stakeholders and work towards a win-win partnership

Consistent accuracy and precision are important to us. Hence our pursuit of PERFECTION:

  • Principled – to accord the utmost importance to upholding the proper rules of conduct in all that we do
  • (Spirit of) Excellence – to always strive to give our best and continuously improve our processes
  • Respect – to show consideration for our stakeholders and treat them with high regard
  • Fairness – to stay objective in our observations, judgments and treatment, and reward where it is due
  • Engagement – to take interest in our stakeholders’ well-being and needs as well as be a part of a greater community
  • Customer-centrism – to treat our customers well and be a
    long-term reliable partner
  • Teamwork – to work cooperatively and efficiently as a team, aspiring towards our common goal

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Everlife expands service offering to calibration services with acquisition of Biofrontier Technology in Singapore.


Biofrontier acquired capability to calibrate Thermocouple with or without indicators using Dry Block Calibrator.


Biofrontier developed calibration capabilities for 96-Channels Pipetting Systems and Syringe Pumps with micro-volume flow rates.


Biofrontier introduced accredited calibrations for Chamber Humidity & Liquid Flow Rates for Peristaltic Pumps in June 2017.


Biofrontier pioneered accredited calibrations for UV/Vis Spectrophotometers in Singapore in early 2015.


Biofrontier acquired exclusive distribution rights for all Gilson Manual Liquid Handling (MLH) products in Singapore. The Gilson Pipetman® brand is the world's best known pipette trademark. Exclusivity enabled Biofrontier to gain a lasting competitive edge in marketing pipettes & pipette calibration services in Singapore.


Biofrontier continued to branch out into more temperature related calibration services in March 2013 by launching accredited temperature calibrations for Heating Blocks. Concurrently, Biofrontier also introduced accredited speed, time and temperature calibrations for Centrifuge machines. The following month in April 2013, the company was certified by Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) Council as a bizSAFE Level 3 company.


Biofrontier announced our appointment as a Gilson Authorized Distributor for all Manual Liquid Handling (MLH) products in Singapore on 1 January 2012.


Biofrontier expanded our ISO/IEC17025 scope of accreditation for calibrations in 2011 to include volumetric testing of Precision Syringes and temperature survey for Environmental Chambers.


Biofrontier embarked on a re-branding exercise in tandem with our significant investments to upgrade our calibration capabilities in 2010. The same year, the company attained the ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for Glassware and Piston Burette calibrations.


Biofrontier pioneered accredited calibrations for bottle-top dispensers in Singapore in 2009. At the same time, the company was also accredited for Thermocycler Calibrations, becoming the first company to offer accredited Thermocycler Calibration in Asia.


Biofrontier moved to a new and larger facility in 2008 and continued our expansion by foraying into new areas of calibration services. The company was accredited for weighing balance calibrations in the same year.


Biofrontier became the first company in Singapore to be awarded ISO/IEC17025 accreditation for pipette calibration by the Singapore Accreditation Council under its Singapore Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (SAC-SINGLAS) in 2006.


Biofrontier was established in 2003 as the first independent pipette calibration facility in Singapore.