BOECO Vacuum Pump Model R-300 & R-400
BOECO Vacuum Pump Model R-300 & R-400


BOECO Vacuum Pumps Model R-300 and R-400 are piston-powered, oil-free vacuum pumps that are adaptable to many laboratory requirements.

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Quiet and low vibration

  • Directly motor driven without transmission mechanism and quality rubber feet keep the noise level only at approx 54 dB

Compact and light weight

  • Aluminium die-cast and precise construction make the R-300 so small and compact, weight only 4,1 kg

Clean and maintenance free

  • Oil-free design makes the R-300 clean and maintenance free, we guarantee two years of 3000 working hours of free service parts (Excluding moisture filter)
R-300 R-400
Max. vacuum 650 mmHg = 85,5Pa = 110Torr 650 mmHg = 85,5Pa = 110Torr
50-60 Hz 50-60 Hz
Max flow rate 17 l/min – 20 l/min 34 l/min – 37 l/min
Horse power 1/8 HP 1/6 HP
Pole 4 P 4 P
Net weight 4,1 kg 6,2 kg
Port thread 5/16 inch 5/16 inch
Noise level 50dB 50dB

Code                        Description                                                                         

BOE 8830000          BOECO R-300 vacuum pump 220-240V, 50/60 Hz

BOE 8840000          BOECO R-400 vacuum pump 220-240V, 50/60 Hz



Code                        Description                                                                         

BOE 88330001       Filtration unit for 47-50 mm membrane filter with vacuum-resistant flask, capacity 1 litre

BOE 16710310       Stainless Steel funnel, 100 mL, 47 mm Diam.

BOE 16710324       3-branch stainless steel (SS316) manifold Capacity 3 x 100 mL funnels

SAR 16824              3-branch stainless steel manifold Capacity 3 x 100 mL funnels, SARTORIUS brand



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