BOECO Magnetic Stirrer with Hotplate MSH 420
BOECO Magnetic Stirrer with Hotplate MSH 420


Motor drive magnetic stirrer with all in one glass-ceramic hot plate for simultaneously stirring and heating of chemical reagents. The Glass-ceramic top plate is easy to clean, chemical-resistant, corrosion-resistant and scratch resistant. The MSH 420 provides LED Indicators for Power, Heating and Stirring.


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MSH 420
Speed range 60 – 1110 1/min
Temperature regulation ambient temperature to 450 °C
Max. stirring volume up to 15,0 L
Hot Platform size in mm 200 x 200
Hot Platform material glass-ceramic
“Hot Top” indicator a “Hot” light illuminates if the temperature on the hot plate exceeds 55°C
Over-Heat protection The heating power will cut off in abnormal situations by limiting top plate temperature to 550 °C, and light flash
Overall size in mm (WxDxH) 320 x 210 x 105
Heating power 750 Watts
Weight 3,6 kg

Code                        Description                                                                      

BOE 8054000           Magnetic stirrer with hotplate MSH 420, 220V



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